ECSW Schedule 2015-2016

Jerusalem on the Madaba Map, in the apse of the church of St George at Madaba, Mid-6th Century.  


All meetings are on Monday, 4:30-6:00pm in S200, unless otherwise noted.


Spring 2016


  • March 28 — Prof. Mark Chancey (SMU) — “Archaeology of Galilee, the Gospel of John, and the “Judean” or “Jew” Translation Debate”
  • April 18 — Trevor Thompson (Chicago) — “Intentional Ambiguity: The Rhetoric of 2 Thessalonians
  • May 2 — Allison Gray (Chicago) — Weaving Lives for Virtuous Readers: Gregory of Nyssa as Biographer
  • May 16 — Prof. Margaret M. Mitchell (Chicago) — “John Chrysostom on Sex, Marriage and the Magical Arts:  Assessing the Evidence of a Previously Untranslated Homily (hom. in 1 Cor 7:2)
  • May 24 — Prof. Philip Venticinque (Cornell) and Alba de Frutos (Complutense University of Madrid) — Special workshop on the topic of Hellenistic and Roman Guilds


Winter 2016


  • January 11 — Mike Zeddies (Chicago) — “Did Origen Write the Letter To Theodore?”
  • January 25 — Nathan Hardy (Chicago) — On the Use and Abuse of the Present in History, or: When Keepin’ it Real (Simple) Goes Wrong: Rodney Stark and Douglas Boin on the ‘Triumph’ of Christianity”
  • February 8 – Prof. Thomas Tobin (Loyola University) – “Philo of Alexandria and the Subversion of Eschatological Language.”  This workshop is cosponsored with the Hebrew Bible Workshop.
  • February 15 — Christine Trotter (Chicago) — “The Wisdom of Solomon on God’s Purposes in Suffering”
  • February 29 — Prof. Mark Chancey (Southern Methodist University) — TBA   THIS EVENT HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED
  • February 29 —
  • March 4 — Prof. Meira Kensky (Coe College) — “Biblical Studies Expertise and the Generalist Classroom” (Craft of Teaching Workshop Cosponsored with Hebrew Bible Workshop).  NB: This event will take place from 10:00 AM-11:15 AM in Swift 200.

Fall 2015


  • October 5 – James Covington (Chicago) – “Telling the Flood Stories in LXX-Genesis.”  – This workshop is cosponsored with the Hebrew Bible Workshop
  • October 7 – Gary A. Anderson (University of Notre Dame) – “Morals or Metaphysics: The Place of Charity in Christian Thought” – This is a special workshop we are cosponsoring with Lumen Christ.  Note alternate time and place: Wednesday, 7 PM, Location TBA.
  • November 2 – Ben Sheppard (Chicago) – “Chaironeia and the Hellenistic Center: Plutarch, Hellenization, and the New Testament.”
  • November 16 – Andrew Langford (Chicago) –“The Pastor’s Opponents in Pauline Perspective: Intertextuality and Restrictive (Re)writing in 1 Timothy”
  • November 30 – Kelly Holob (Chicago) – “Anti-Epicurean Polemic in Gregory of Nyssa’s De anima et resurrectione