ECSW Schedule 2016-2017

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Apse Mosaic in the San Vitale Basillica, Ravenna, Italy. Mid 6th Century

All meetings are on Monday, 4:30-6:00pm in S200, unless otherwise noted.

Autumn 2016

  • October 3 – Cameron Ferguson (Chicago) – “The Beloved Son Crucified: The Aqedah in Mark and Paul.”  – This workshop is cosponsored with the Hebrew Bible Workshop
  • October 10 – Prof. Sarah E. Bond (University of Iowa) – “Inheriting the Prejudices of Rome: Perceptions of Work and Labor in Early Christianity.” – This workshop is cosponsored with the Ancient Societies Workshop
  • October 31– Kelly Holob (Chicago) – “Rational Worship and Harmonization in the Hymns of Synesius of Cyrene.”
  • November 14 – Dr. Korshi Dosoo (Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV)) –“Animals in ‘Christian’ Magical Texts from Late Antique and Early Islamic Egypt.” – This workshop is cosponsored with the Animal Studies Workshop
  • December 5– Prof. Jeffrey Stackert (Chicago) – “The Elohistic Horeb Narrative in Jewish and Christian Interpretation: Two Examples.” – This workshop is cosponsored with the Hebrew Bible Workshop


Winter 2017

  • January 23 – Prof. Ellen Muehlberger (University of Michigan) – “Training for Death: Rhetorical Formation and the Cast of Early Christian Thanatology.
    • Please note:  There is a SECOND talk with Prof. Muehlberger on January 23rd from 12-1:30 in Swift 200 co-sponsored by The Craft of Teaching entitled, “Salt for the Impure, Light for the Pure: Cumulative Assignment Design and Students’ Intellectual Development.” (RSVP for lunch by Thursday, January 19th to
  • February 6– Prof. Claudia Rapp (University of Vienna) – “Saint Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai and its Hidden Manuscript Treasures.”—This event is sponsored by the Dean’s Office and is a Public Lecture. The lecture will take place in Swift 208 at 4:30 pm
  • February 13 – Mark Lambert (Chicago) – “From the Falling Sickness to Walking Corpses: Leprosy as the Second Sacred Disease in Cappadocian Thought.” 
  • February 27– Andrew Langford (Chicago) – “Corrupting the Mind and Cauterizing the Conscience: Ancient Psychopathology and the Pastoral Epistles”
  • March 6Prof. Eve-Marie Becker (Aarhus University) — “Paul and ‘Paul’: Paul’s Letter to the Philippians in Light of Acts 20:18ff.”
  • March 13–Doug Hoffer (Chicago) — “A Body Enslaved to Sin: Paul’s Engagement with the Wisdom of Solomon in Romans 6-8” (rescheduled)


Spring 2017

  • April 3– Prof. Sofia Torallas Tovar (University of Chicago)– “The Roll of Athanasius: The Coptic Version of the Letter to Dracontius in a 4th cent. Papyrus”
  • April 24Doug Hoffer (Chicago)–“A Body Enslaved to Sin: Paul’s Engagement with the Wisdom of Solomon in Romans 6-8
  • May 8– Richard Zaleski (Chicago) – “Paraphrase in Philo of Alexandria’s Life of Moses”
  • May 22Gianna Zipp (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität) — “Tyranny in Lactantius’ Death of the Persecutors”this event is cosponsored by the Theology/Ethics Workshop
  • May 23 – Prof. Illaria Ramelli (Sacred Heart) – “Philosophical Asceticism in Antiquity and Late Antiquity and Its Impact on Debates Concerning Justice, Poverty, and Slavery” -This event is cosponsored with the Late Antique and Byzantium Workshop.
  • May 30–Prof. Janet Spittler (UVA)–“What Do We Mean when We Say ‘Acts of John?'”