The Early Modern Workshop is now accepting submissions for the 2016-17 academic year. This workshop is designed primarily to provide a forum for graduate students to present works in progress, to receive feedback from professors and fellow students, and to help generate interdisciplinary discussion for the benefit of the presenter and the workshop attendees. We focus on every aspect of the early modern experience, which is chronologically defined as ca. 1400-1800 and encompasses Europe and the Mediterranean world, the Middle East, including the Ottoman Empire, and New World colonial societies and their governments, including North America. While the workshop’s approach is historical, we actively encourage participants who work on any aspect of the areas and the period covered, including (but not limited to) philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists, musicologists, linguists, theologians, political scientists, art historians, and legal scholars. Papers on topics including matters of religion, political institutions and law, political theory, science, economics, literature, and the republic of letters are especially welcome.

Drafts of dissertation proposals, dissertation chapters, journal articles, and conference papers are strongly encouraged. Given the intention of the workshop, graduate students at the dissertation stage may be given priority. Papers are generally circulated a week prior to the workshop and will be sent to the Early Modern listserve.

Please email abstracts (no more than 300 words) to Tali Winkler ( or Carlos Grenier ( if you would like to present in the upcoming academic year. We meet on Mondays of odd weeks of the quarter. Please indicate in your email the quarter in which you would like to present and we will try to accommodate your request.

The Early Modern workshop would also like to place a call for discussants. Typically, at the beginning of each workshop, a discussant will briefly summarize the main arguments of the paper, offer some brief constructive criticism, and ask a few questions for the purposes of inaugurating discussion (generally no more than 5-10 minutes total). If you are interested in being a discussant for the Early Modern workshop, please email Tali Winkler ( or Carlos Grenier ( with your name, year, program, and a brief description of your academic research interests so we can pair you with appropriate papers. Preference may be given to those who regularly attend workshop.

As always, we will have crackers and cheese, wine, and other snacks.

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