Schedule 2002-2003

Autumn 2002

October 7, 2002
Steve Pincus
University of Chicago
Assassination, Association and the 
Meaning of the Revolution

October 21, 2002
Abigail Swingen
University of Chicago
The Politics of Labor and the Origins 
of the British Empire, c. 1600-1720

October 28, 2002
Ibrahim Kaya Sahin
University of Chicago
An Anatolian Apocalypse: 
The ‘Hidden Pearls’ of Ahmed Bican

November 4, 2002
Douglas Bradburn
University of Chicago
Revolutionary Politics, Nationhood, and the
Problem of American Citizenship, 1783-1800

November 18, 2002
Jorge Cañizares Esguerra
Eighteenth-Century Spanish Political Economy: Epistemologies Of Decline

December 2, 2002
Paul Cheney
University of Chicago
Civil Society and the Persistence of Etatisme:
Scottish and French Political Economy Compared

Winter 2003

January 13, 2003
Dan Riches
University of Chicago
Brandenburg-Swedish Marriage Alliances 
in the Seventeenth Century

January 27, 2003
Mark Horowitz
University of Chicago
England Under Obligation: An Interim Report on 
Henry VII and His Realm

February 10, 2003
Allan I. Macinnes
University of Aberdeen
Rival Perspectives of Britain, 1603-1660

February 24, 2003
Fredrik Jonsson
University of Chicago
Managing the Highland Climate: 
Science and Natural Advantage
in the British Enlightenment

March 10, 2003
Jacob Levy
University of Chicago
Ancient and Modern Constitutionalism Revisited

Spring 2003

April 2, 2003
Reuben Zahler
University of Chicago
The Indispensability of Corruption
in an Emerging Republic:
Venezuela, 1821-1830

April 21, 2003
Jovita Baber
University of Chicago
The Loyal City and the Benevolent Crown: The Construction of Community and Empire 
in Tlaxcala, New Spain, 1521-1560

April 28, 2003
Stephen Saunders Webb
Syracuse University
An Assassination in Antigua: 
The Anglo-American Revolution at Midpassage

May 5, 2003
Snjezana Buzov
University of Chicago
Rulers without Dawlat: The Shift from Oral to Written Memory
in Southwestern Asia

May 12, 2003
Sean Smith
University of Chicago
An Early Modern Identity Crisis: 
The Real Hospicio de San Fernando
and the Question of Confinement in Bourbon Madrid

May 19, 2003
Dean Bell
Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies
Jewish Narratives of the Past and Communal Identity in Early Modern Germany

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