East Asia Workshop: Politics, Economy and Society

Nov. 30 Workshop


Workshop on East Asia:
Politics, Economy and Society Presents

“Recessional Authoritarian Regime and Organized Contention in China”

Professor Zhenhua Su
Department of Political Science, Zhejiang University

4:00-5:30pm, Tuesday
Nov. 30, 2010
Pick Lounge
5828 South University Ave.

The article indicates that although the authoritarian regime in China demonstrates a considerable degree of resilience, it is still in constant recession. The article then explains that the social control of authoritarian regime in China has now been weakened, and the traditional omnipotent control system has been disintegrated, therefore the now stability maintenance system displays the tendency of declining in its effectiveness. Meanwhile the contentions within the civil society are burgeoning, various contentions have been increasingly frequent, and those characterized by political opposition have appeared, such as protection of rights and political dissidence. A social contention network is rising with all the subjects gradually move towards coalition and has begun to challenge the social control of the authoritarian regime. Finally, the article proposes and analyzes three potential development tendencies of the contentions in the civil society in China.

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