East Asia Workshop: Politics, Economy and Society

Nov. 29 Workshop


Workshop on East Asia: Politics, Economy and Society Presents

“Dynamics of the Relationships between the Agrarian and Nomadic Polities in Past Millenniums”
Presenter: Dingxin Zhao
Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago

4:00-5:30pm, Tuesday
Nov. 29, 2011
Pick Lounge, 5828 South University Ave.

Abstract: Theoretically, this talk illuminates and explains the patterned relationships between the agrarian and nomadic polities in past millenniums. Empirically, the talk intends to answer such questions as why the most powerful nomadic empires emerged in the frontier of China rather than the other parts of Eurasia, why the Xiongnu empire met repeated setbacks facing the assault of the Western Han army, why the semi-nomadic Manchu people were more capable of establishing durable empires in China than the steppe nomads, why empires of nomadic origins dominated in China during most part of the second millennium, why the Zunghars had no hope in its geopolitical competition with Qing China.

Workshop website: http://cas.uchicago.edu/workshops/eastasia/
Student coordinator: Yang Zhang (yangzhang@uchicago.edu)
Faculty sponsors: Dali Yang and Dingxin Zhao

The workshop is sponsored by the Council on Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences and Center for East Asian Studies. Persons with disabilities who believe they may need assistance, please contact the student coordinator in advance.

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