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January 10, Peter Bang, “Between China and Rome: The challenge of pre-colonial world history”

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East Asia Workshop: Politics, Economy and Society presents

“Between China and Rome: The challenge of pre-colonial world history

Peter Fibiger Bang

Professor, The Saxo Institute

University of Copenhagen

Discussant: Kenneth Pomeranz

University Professor, Department of History

University of Chicago

4:30-6:00p.m., Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Pick Lounge, 5828 South University Ave.

*Light refreshments will be served*


This paper explores alternative frameworks for a pre-colonial world history, in other words it sets out in search of a conceptualisation for a time before the world became Eurocentric and subject to the rule of European states. Most recent attempts while seeking to overcome the latent eurocentrism of previous world history, nevertheless end up reproducing the chronology, patterns and models developed for Europe. So scholarship invests in categories such as early modernity or the middle ages and try to expand them to reach global coverage. But, both the Chinese and the Roman experience, suggest a radically different take on this challenge: universal empire may serve as one very significant category under which to subsume much of pre-colonial Eurasian history.

About the Speaker

Professor Peter Fibiger Bang is a comparative historian. His research is situated at the interface of ancient and world history. It is focused on exploring historical comparisons between the Roman and other pre-colonial land-empires. His primary fields of research include the Roman Empire, imperialism in world history, the ancient economy, and global and comparative history. Prof. Bang got his PhD at University of Cambridge and is now teaching at the University of Copenhagen.

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Xi Song (Sociology), Dali Yang (Political Science), and Dingxin Zhao (Sociology)

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