Spring Schedule

March 27 (Tuesday): Julia Strauss ( Senior Lecturer in Chinese Politics, SOAS, University of London)

“Theatres of Land Reform: Repertoire and Campaign in Su’nan and Taiwan, 1950-53”


April 12: Jacob Eyferth (Associate Professor, EALC, University of Chicago)

“Women’s work and the Politics of Homespun in Socialist China, 1949-1980”


April 19: Pär Cassel (Assistant Professor, History, University of Michigan)

“Tinker, tailor, consul, sailor: Sino-Japanese Extraterritoriality under the Treaty of Tianjin, 1871-95”


May 2: Prasenjit Duara (Raffles Professor of Humanities, Director of Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore)

“Competitive Temporalities and Historical Societies: The Place of Early Modern Circulations”


May 17: Deokhyo Choi (PhD Candidate, History, Cornell University)

“Racializing the Postwar Crisis: Democratization and the Making of “the Korean Problem” in U.S./Allied-occupied Japan, 1946-1947”


May 24: Seongun Kim (PhD Candidate, History, University of Chicago)

“Entertaining Japan: Japan’s Postwar Entertainment Broadcasting and the Discourse of Media Responsibility”


June 1 (Friday): Joshua Fogel (Professor, Canada Research Chair, History, York University)

“The Afterlife of a Material Object: The Mysterious Gold Seal of 57 C.E.” 


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