Fall 2020 Schedule

Niuniu and I hope to see you all soon to begin what will surely be both an exciting and unprecedented quarter for EATRH!

Fall ’20 Schedule:

Oct. 1st 🍂😋Welcome Mid-Autumn Festival Social🙃🍁

Oct. 8th Syrus Jin, PhD Candidate in History, UChicago

Title: “US Army Advisors in the Korean War: A Study of American Empire in the Everyday”

Oct. 15th Professor Zhaojin Zeng, Duke Kunshan University

Title: “Rethinking Chinese Nationalization: State, Industry, and Private Property, 1949-1984”

Oct. 22nd Professor Susan Burns, UChicago

Title: “Sexual Assault and the Evidential Body: Forensic Medicine and Law in Modern Japan”

Oct. 29th Xiaoyu Gao, PhD Student in History, UChicago

Title: “Chilean Copper, British Global Trade, and China Copper Crisis: Yunnanese Mining and the Depreciation of Qing Cash (1820-1850)”

Nov. 5th (7:00PM to 8:30PM) Carl Kubler, PhD Candidate in History, UChicago

Title: “From China Trade to Coolie Trade: Labor, Migration, and the Global Maritime Economy, 1800-1873″

Nov. 12th Dan Knorr, Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences, UChicago

Title: “Washing Jades and Watching Cranes: Gendered Performances of Nostalgia and Loyalty in Early Modern China”

Dec. 3rd (3:30PM to 5:00PM) Professor Emily Baum, University of California, Irvine

Title: “Acupuncture Anesthesia on American Bodies: Communism, Race, and the Cold War in the Making of ‘Legitimate’ Medical Science”