Spring 2021 Schedule

Spring ’21 Schedule:

April 1st Matthew Lowenstein, PhD Candidate in History, UChicago

Title: “Chinese Rotating Savings and Credit Associations (ROSCAs) in Historical Perspective”

April 8th Stephanie Painter, PhD Candidate in History, UChicago

Title: “Trouble in the Marriage Bed: Licit Sex, Virginity, and Expectations of Marital Intimacy Among Newlyweds and Married Youth”

April 22nd Xavier Ante, PhD Candidate in History, UChicago

Title: “The Qingshui River Documents and the Persistence of the Miao Forest Frontier in the Qing”

April 29th Jiakai Sheng, PhD Candidate in History, UChicago

Title: “Extra-Settlement Road Negotiations of 1930s’ Shanghai: the Chinese, Westerners, and Japanese”

May 6th (3:30 PM to 5:00 PM CT) Professor Takashi Miura, University of Arizona

Title: TBA

May 13th Professor Kenneth Pomeranz, UChicago

Presenting an excerpt from Why is China So Big?

May 20th Marshall Kramer, PhD Candidate in Anthropology, UChicago

Title: “Medicine Men, Militias and Money: The Rise of Trade-Debt Capitalism on the Southern Silk Road”


May 27th (7:00 PM to 8:30 PM CT) Tian Yuan, PhD Candidate in History, UChicago

Title: “Debating Chinese Cruelty: Legal Orientalism, Summary Execution, and Extraterritoriality”

June 3rd Spencer Stewart, PhD Candidate in History, UChicago

Title: TBA

Winter 2021 Schedule

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all having a good first week of winter quarter. We will have our first meeting next Thursday, Jan 21 at 3:30 PM CST. We will be discussing Jessa Dahl’s dissertation chapter entitled, “Kuwa Tsu Sui (whatever that may mean)”: Kwassui Jo Gakkō Mission School and the Education of Japanese Women in the Foreign Settlement”. Jessa Dahl is a PhD Candidate in History.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The rest of the quarter lineup is as follows, though we are still waiting to hear back from one invitee. Please note the deviations from our regular meeting time.

February 18 @ 7PM CST

Ruohan Zhou

Establishing the National Wuhan University

February 25 @ 4PM CST

Sandra Park, Eilin Rafael Pérez, and Zoya SameenPhD Candidates in History

Transnational Asia & the Global South: A Syllabus Workshop

March 12 @ 1:30PM CST

Andrew Liu, Assistant Professor of History at Villanova University



Niuniu and Stephanie

Fall 2020 Schedule

Niuniu and I hope to see you all soon to begin what will surely be both an exciting and unprecedented quarter for EATRH!

Fall ’20 Schedule:

Oct. 1st 🍂😋Welcome Mid-Autumn Festival Social🙃🍁

Oct. 8th Syrus Jin, PhD Candidate in History, UChicago

Title: “US Army Advisors in the Korean War: A Study of American Empire in the Everyday”

Oct. 15th Professor Zhaojin Zeng, Duke Kunshan University

Title: “Rethinking Chinese Nationalization: State, Industry, and Private Property, 1949-1984”

Oct. 22nd Professor Susan Burns, UChicago

Title: “Sexual Assault and the Evidential Body: Forensic Medicine and Law in Modern Japan”

Oct. 29th Xiaoyu Gao, PhD Student in History, UChicago

Title: “Chilean Copper, British Global Trade, and China Copper Crisis: Yunnanese Mining and the Depreciation of Qing Cash (1820-1850)”

Nov. 5th (7:00PM to 8:30PM) Carl Kubler, PhD Candidate in History, UChicago

Title: “From China Trade to Coolie Trade: Labor, Migration, and the Global Maritime Economy, 1800-1873″

Nov. 12th Dan Knorr, Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences, UChicago

Title: “Washing Jades and Watching Cranes: Gendered Performances of Nostalgia and Loyalty in Early Modern China”

Dec. 3rd (3:30PM to 5:00PM) Professor Emily Baum, University of California, Irvine

Title: “Acupuncture Anesthesia on American Bodies: Communism, Race, and the Cold War in the Making of ‘Legitimate’ Medical Science”