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Shea Wolfe

Director, Office for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Support
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students and Associate Dean of Students in the University


Shea is responsible for the initial intake of student reports of sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.  She is also responsible for conducting a campus safety analysis upon receiving new reports, collaborating with campus partners to implement interim measures and/or accommodations when needed, providing all parties with information regarding support services (including the University’s confidential resources and support services in the community), providing students with information regarding the University’s investigation and disciplinary process, and providing students with information regarding the pursuit of criminal remedies. She also works to assess, develop, and implement training programs geared toward students and those involved in the intake and resolution of student complaints, and coordinates tracking of student complaints across the University.

Shea reports to the Associate Provost for Equal Opportunity Programs and works closely with other departments within the University to ensure the institution is continuously identifying and integrating best practices in the Title IX investigation, training, and case management process.

Shea has worked in higher education for over fourteen years in a variety of roles including academic advising, student organizations, event planning, orientation, commencement, student records and registration, and crisis management. Most recently, Shea served as Assistant Dean of Students at DePaul University where she was responsible for Title IX reporting, student conduct processes, and student advocacy. She was a hearing officer for student conduct cases, and was an active member of the Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention and Response Committee. Shea is certified by the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA) in Title IX investigations, attended the Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA) Gehring Academy for Student Conduct Professionals, and co-authored an article for Student Affairs Today on effective university responses to sexual and relationship violence. In addition, she has received the 40-hour training by the YWCA on Sexual Assault and Crisis Intervention, which is a trauma-informed approach to managing cases of sexual and relationship violence. She is also a member of the Title IX Consortium of Chicago area schools and universities.

Shea received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Journalism/Mass Communication from the University of Iowa, her Master’s in Education from Iowa State University in Higher Education Administration, and her Ed.D. from Governors State University in Interdisciplinary Leadership and Higher Education.