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Lymph node sharing between pancreas, gut, and liver leads to immune crosstalk and regulation of pancreatic autoimmunity. Brown H, Komnick MR, Brigleb PH, Dermody TS, Esterházy D. Immunity. 2023 S1074-7613(23)00321; 56: 1-16. PMID: 37557168
Intestinal immune compartmentalization: implications of tissue specific determinants in health and disease. Esterházy D, Brown H. Mucosal Immunology. 2021 07; 14: 1259–1270. PMID: 34211125
Paying a Price Twice: Dose-Dependent Effects of Treg Cell-Derived TGF-β on Tolerance. Esterházy D, Brown H. Immunity. 2020, 12 15; 53(6): 1128-1130. PMID: 33326762
Compartmentalized gut lymph node drainage dictates adaptive immune responses. Esterházy D, Canesso MCC, Mesin L, Muller PA, de Castro TBR, Lockhart A, ElJalby M, Faria AMC, Mucida D. Nature. 2019 05; 569(7754):126-130. PMID: 30988509
Gut immune cells have a role in food metabolism. Esterházy D, Mucida D. Nature. 2019 02; 566(7742):49-50. PMID: 30710125
SnapShot: Gut Immune Niches. Mucida D, Esterhazy D. Cell. 2018 09 06; 174(6):1600-1600.e1. PMID: 30193116
Classical dendritic cells are required for dietary antigen-mediated induction of peripheral T(reg) cells and tolerance. Esterházy D, Loschko J, London M, Jove V, Oliveira TY, Mucida D. Nat Immunol. 2016 May; 17(5):545-55. PMID: 27019226