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EthNoise! Workshop, January 22nd


Our second EthNoise! Ethnomusicology Workshop meeting this quarter will take place on Thursday afternoon, January, 22nd, from 4:30 to 6, in Goodspeed Hall 205.

Our presenter will be:

Peter Seitel, Senior Folklorist Emeritus at the Smithsonian’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage 

Before joining the Center’s staff in 1978, he was an assistant professor of anthropology at Princeton University. He earned his PhD in Folklore and Folklife at the University of Pennsylvania, conducting his fieldwork among the Haya of northwestern Tanzania. His 1999 book on the concept of genre as a method in interpreting oral literature has been called “one of the foundational texts of folklore, as significant as Propp’s Morphology but offering a dimension of research far more relevant to scholars today.” (Shuman 2003)  His work at the Smithsonian has included extensive involvement with its Festival of American Folklife and its Folkways Recordings, curating both live and recorded performances.


Presentation Title: Synchronized media: curating the encounter between written and oral works, institutions, and exchange relationships


In preparation for the workshop, participants should listen to three Haya folktales (The Strong One, The Glistening One, Crested Crane and Dove) contained on the Performed Words website, and also read through the 1950 and 1980 versions of the Haya Heroic Ballad, “Mugasha.” (Quicktime will need to be installed, and the site will direct one to install Adobe Shockwave.)

For the principles guiding interpretation of these works, participants can read the introduction to Mr. Seitel’s 1999 book, ‘The Powers of Genre.’

Thursday, January 22nd

4:30 pm, Goodspeed Hall 205


Persons with a disability who may need assistance in attending this event, please call Ieda Bispo at 773-655-2504 in advance of the event.

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