The Music, Language, and Culture Workshop

September 29- Genevieve Dempsey, Lauren Eldridge, Maria Welch


Our first Ethnoise! of the fall quarter will take place on September 29, at 4:30 in Goodspeed Hall, Room 205.  We will feature three presenters discussing their recent fieldwork in Portugal, Haiti, and Brazil, respectively.

Genevieve Dempsey “Transgressive Bodies: Choro, Forró and Dancing to ‘Undanceable’ Music.


Lauren Eldridge- “The Gift of Music: A Community Music School in a Culture of Aid.”

Lauren Eldridge is a second-year in the Music doctoral program at the University of Chicago, a native of the south suburbs of Chicago, a recent graduate of Spelman College, and a music teacher/giver.

Maria Welch-  “Brazilian Indigenous Pedagogy and Practice: A Primer.”

As the Brazilian government’s policy towards its indigenous populations progressed from paternalistic patronage in the early half of the twentieth century to a more ambiguous relationship fraught with economic and legal repercussions towards the close of the century, indigenous communities and their network of scholar-informants, academic administrators, and human rights advocates, have worked to establish new groundwork in laying out a path towards indigenous autonomy. This pathway is marked out with new approaches to licensure, the formation of academic disciplines, and intra-national as well as transnational alliances that promote the formation and encouragement of indigenous peoples in their professional development, thus capacitating an indigenous-led movement to protect the viability, sustainability, and quality of life for those who dwell in the Amazonian basin. This presentation will explore the various universities, civil associations, and indigenous communities that are working interdependently to strengthen the foundation for an indigenous society enacted by indigenous communities and developing indigenous agency in Brazil and beyond.

Persons with a disability who believe they may need assistance, please call Will Faber in advance at 773-987-5299.


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