The Music, Language, and Culture Workshop

Thursday 29 May – Maria Welch

Please join us this Thursday 29th May for our final EthNoise workshop of the year. 
GOH 205 
We would like to welcome our very own Ph.D. student Maria Welch who will present the following paper:
“Sounding the Body, Singing the Soul: the Musical Labor of Guarani Youth Choirs.”

As modernity continues to reshape Brazil, indigenous communities lay claim to their representation vis-à-vis expressive practices that frame their identity as integral in ecological and cultural stewardship. In my research, I purport to examine the pedagogy and transmission of voiced and embodied expressive practices among Guarani youth.  As both an identity and praxis, children’s choirs have constituted a key axis in the meditational means employed by the Guarani to negotiate the politics of culture. Through an engagement with the emic category of ‘childhood’ and its musical production in three villages both rural and urban, my methodology will analyze the vocal and kinetic expression of youth choirs and their socio-cultural, as well as cosmological, significance.


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