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Reminder: EthNoise! Meets This Thursday, 10/18


Dear all,

Happy Monday! I’m writing to remind you that EthNoise! will meet from 5-6:20 pm this Thursday (10/18) in Rosenwald 301. Evan Pensis (PhD student, Music/TAPS) will be presenting their article “Running up That Hill: Love and Realness in the Soundtrack to Pose.” Please reach out to me via email if you are interested in reading the article before the workshop. For those of you who may not have the time to read the piece before Thursday (although it’s quite a manageable length!), Evan has volunteered to read selections from the piece during the workshop in order to contextualize the main arguments of the article. After the workshop, GMS (Graduate Music Society) will be hosting an Oktoberfest event in Fulton Hall (on the 4th floor of Goodspeed). The event begins at 6 pm, but I’ve been assured there will still be plenty of beer left for those of us attending the workshop first! Please let me know if you have any questions before then; I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!
Jon Bullock

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