EUChicago is currently exploring new avenues for publication. You can read our past works under the EUChicago Research Team for the Gate and in the Review of European & Transatlantic Affairs (RETA) on the European Horizons website.

Here is a selected list of our published works (please excuse us while we work on fully updating it):

Long-form Articles:

The Eurodeterrent: NATO’s Existential Crisis or a European Enigma?

Authors: Ozan Beran Akturan, Jordi Vasquez, Yiyang Li, Alex Castro, Noah McLean, Alex Shura, Asher Rose

NATO-EU Cooperation: Transatlantic Perspectives on Regional Security Issues
Authors: Ozan Beran Akturan, Jordi Vasquez, ​Noah McLean, Aurore Tigerschiold and Forrest Alonso Haydon

Exposed Outpost: Russian Threats to Baltic Security and Transatlantic Responses
Authors: Jordi Vasquez, Ozan Beran Akturan, Alex Shura, Yiyang Li, Michal Rajski, Oscar Sarkes, and Alex Castro

European Leadership: The EU as a Global Actor

Authors: Noah McLean, Ozan Beran Akturan, Esfandiar Rouhani, Andrew Paolo Olivei, and Callaway Rogers

Short-form Articles:

EU City Climate Action
Authors: Simon Chanezon, Dimitry Karavaikin, and Katerina Stefanescu

Green Energy in Estonia

Authors: Alexandra Davis, Dasha Beniash, Gabriel Goodspeed, and Theresa Haunold

– Cohesion and the Rule-of-Law: the EU and Polish Judicial Reforms
Authors: Claire Ren, Swayam Sinha, and Courtney Weigal

– Norwegian Exceptionalism: How the European Union can use Norway to further European Integration
Authors: Christian Neubacher, Jesse Silva, and Pierre-Jean Thil

– From One Refugee Crisis to the Next: The Role of the EU in the Rohingya Crisis
Authors: Claire Cappaert and Lisa Qu

– The Problem with French Universities
Authors: Michal Rajski, Alexandra Davis, Gabriel Goodspeed, Dalton Goree, Theresa Haunold, and Nate Johnson

– Italy’s Anti-Establishment Movement
Authors: Gabriel Broshy, Michael Tolchinsky, Firouz Niazi, Tony Shen, Anvita Ramachandran, Nicholas Chung, Sydney Lupo, Kevin Peterson, Justin Skobe, Beatrice Del Negro, Swayam Sinha, Russell Xu, and Isabella Jackson-Saitz

– Why have you heard of Oxford but not École Normale Supérieure?
Authors: Michal Rajski, Alexandra Davis, Gabriel Goodspeed, Dalton Goree, Theresa Haunold, and Nate Johnson

We also have some research papers pending for publication in the latest edition of RETA.