Jojayden Shoes opens on 53rd Street today

A new shoe store is coming to 53rd Street. On Friday, June 24, Jojayden Shoes will have a soft launch opening at 1457 E. 53rd Street from 5-9 p.m. with drinks and appetizers. The store, owned by Schaumburg resident Wale Nubi, will carry Nubi’s branded Jojayden men’s shoe collection and seven other brands of men’s and women’s shoes and accessories – including leather goods such as handbags and wallets, as well as sunglasses, bracelets and wristwatches, socks, and hand-made bow ties. Regular store hours are 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday till Saturday and 11a.m. – 6 p.m. on Sunday.

We sat down with Nubi to learn more about his business launch in Hyde Park:

Describe your background and how you got interested in fashion, especially shoes and accessories.

“I was born in Nigeria as the fifth of six children and youngest son, and everyone in my family loved fashion. My older brothers lived in London when I was a teenager, and since we all wore the same shoe size, they would send me their designer shoes when they were finished with them. I became known as the ‘shoe guy’ at school because here I was, just a teenager, wearing these expensive, fancy shoes when everyone else was just wearing sneakers. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners. My father owns a hotel, my mother owns a gift store, and all my brothers and sisters have their own businesses, so I caught that same entrepreneurial spirit at a very young age. I was formerly an IT consultant for Fortune 500 companies including Siemens and Anixter, but my heart was always in fashion. I started doing research into shoe construction and went to several different countries to see their manufacturing processes – I even went to the Gucci factory in Italy – I wanted to see how their shoes were made and learn the best techniques. My brand name, ‘Jojayden,’ actually comes from my two sons’ names, Jayden, who is almost four years old; and Josiah, who is almost three. Jojayden was a side business for me in the beginning, but once my kids were born, I began to take it much more seriously, growing it into a full-time career.”

What led you to open your new store in Hyde Park?

“Eric Williams, the owner of The Silver Room at 1506 E. 53rd Street, is my good friend, and I used to sell Jojayden shoes in his Wicker Park store. When he moved his store to Hyde Park, I started selling them there as well, and noticed that I was selling twice the number of shoes in the Hyde Park location as I was previously selling on the north side – so I knew there was a market for my product. I was always hanging out in Hyde Park with Eric, and really fell in love with the neighborhood. Eric mentioned that a shoe store would do well in the area, and I started exploring retail leasing options on 53rd Street. In a way, I feel like Hyde Park chose me, and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to open my first store.”

What types of products will you be selling?

“Jojayden will carry men’s and women’s shoes and accessories, including handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, socks, hand-made bow ties, and more.”

Why do you think your store will be a good fit in the Hyde Park community?

“My test run at The Silver Room in Hyde Park did very well, and I feel positive that my shoes will reach the right fashion-conscious audience here. I love the energy I see, and the people I meet around 53rd Street. There’s a unique family spirit here from what I have noticed – everyone seems to have everyone’s back – they say, ‘hi’ to you even if they don’t know you. My shoes are unique and hand-made – you can’t find these types of shoes at DSW, Nordstrom, or any of the larger retailers.”

What is your favorite part about being a small business owner?

“I love that I now have the ability to follow my passion and create my own destiny. I feel that you get out what you put into a business, and there’s a great sense of satisfaction that comes with seeing people wearing your product and really responding to it in a positive way.”

You offer an option for completely customized shoes – what can you tell us about this process?

“I offer truly customized shoes for my customers. They can come in with a picture and we can make it for them. We also offer a ‘build your own shoe’ function on our website. Customers can choose the shoe material (calfskin, suede, patent leather, crocodile, or fabric), the toe style, and the type of sole (commando, wedge, rubber, or three types of leather) for a look they won’t find anywhere else. Custom shoes can take six to eight weeks to create, but are often finished sooner.”

Photo courtesty of Wale Nubi
Jojayden Shoes – photo courtesy of Wale Nubi
Jojayden Shoes – photo courtesy of Wale Nubi
Jojayden Shoes – photo courtesy of Wale Nubi