The Revival Kicks Off New Session of Adult Classes on October 7

The Revival, Hyde Park’s improv theater, starts a new session of adult classes on Monday, October 7. Classes include improv, storytelling, public speaking and presentation skills, and stand-up comedy. There is even Gradprov, a class geared toward students currently pursuing a Master’s, JD, MD, or PhD.


Open since 2015, The Revival’s location at 1160 E. 55th Street (at University Avenue) is actually the birthplace of improvisational theater where in 1955 the Compass Players “…initially presented short, scripted ‘plays’ at the back of a bar.” One of its original members went on to co-found The Second City.


The Revival’s two-hour classes offer students the rare opportunity to step away from work, have fun, and be creative in a supportive setting. Student ages range from early 20s to almost 90 – with the majority in their 30s, 40s and 50s. While the classes can be a personally rewarding “mini escape,” Stoops commented that many students find that the classes have a positive impact on their work lives as well. “These skills are very transferrable. We have professionals using the concepts they’ve learned at The Revival in their offices, labs, and classrooms. It’s a great way to meet new people and learn an art form that was essentially born in Hyde Park.”


Founder John Stoops wants to challenge the popular misconception that improv is about joke telling – “Our improv classes involve listening, collaborating, relentless teamwork, and positive affirmation. Students work seamlessly together to create something from nothing, and we actually discourage participants from telling jokes.”


The five-level improv series begins with Foundations (Level 101), and advances to Scenes (Level 201), Characters (Level 301) {not offered this fall}, Forms (Level 401), and Performance (Level 501). Stoops mentioned that one of the heads of Physics at the University of Chicago has gone through the entire improv series, and now performs at some of The Revival’s improv shows targeted to specific interest groups at the University.


In addition to The Revival’s popular evening and weekend performances, be sure to check out the website for more information about children’s classes and camps, professional workshops, and event space rentals.