Caribbean Restaurant 14 Parish to Open on 53rd Street

North Kenwood resident Racquel Fields is planning an April 11 grand opening for her Caribbean fusion restaurant, 14 Parish. Moving to Hyde Park from the South Loop, the restaurant’s renovation work is nearing completion at 1644 E. 53rd Street, the former Bibliophile space. Fields graduated from Hyde Park’s Kenwood Academy High School, and knows the neighborhood well, mentioning in an interview with the Hyde Park Herald, “I think Hyde Park has a very unique clash of culture: people from all walks of life, all types of education. It’s great for art. I think people are open to the exposure here.”

The menu, developed by executive chef Jerrod Jackson, is inspired by a variety of Caribbean countries including the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. More than 100 rums will be served in the bar, representing several different categories of the spirit. 14 Parish is currently staffing up, and line cooks, dishwashers, bartenders, and servers are encouraged to send a resume to


Racquel Fields, owner of 14 Parish


Jerrod Jackson, executive chef of 14 Parish


14 Parish will serve 100 different rums