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Haymarket Affair -Its Influence to Chicago’s Labor Movements Today-

Author: Kosuke Sato Program of Study: Master of Public Policy (MPP), Harris School of Public Policy (HAR) Description: Do you know about the labor movement tragedy that occurred 130 years ago in Chicago? This podcast will provide you with information about the Haymarket Affair in Chicago in 1896 and the impact it has on the modern Chicago labor movement....
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Pullman: A Time Capsule To The First Industrial Utopia in the United States

Author: Mingyang Sun Program of Study: Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences (MAPSS), Division of the Social Sciences (SSD) Heading south along the S Cottage Grove Ave from the University of Chicago by car, within 20 minutes, we will arrive at Pullman, a neighborhood located on Chicago’s south side. The main purpose of our short trip to...
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