Frizzell Family Speaker and learning series

2017-18 Frizzell Series Committee Members


The Frizzell Family Speaker and Learning Series (the “Frizzell Series”), is a year-long, student-organized series of events that engages the fields of agriculture, environment, health, and best practices drawn from social science inquiry. Administered by the College and the Program on Global Environmentthe series aims to better enable students to interact with thought-leaders, alumni, faculty, and advocates in order to build skills, knowledge, and confidence through problem-solving related to a major theme addressing agriculture, environment, and health.

The Frizzell Series is meant to commemorate the life, accomplishments, and aspirations of Alexandra Frizzell. A young woman whose boundless curiosity about the world fueled audacious learning and strong ties to friends and family alike, Alex exemplified the undergraduate for whom wisdom builds upon intelligence. For her, life knowledge, the inspiration of community, and enhancing the chances of others fueled commitment to learning, as well as joy in life. It is intended that her legacy can affirm and encourage undergraduates coming after her to celebrate the value of education that strengthens the building of community, along with the edification of self.

As a tribute to Alex as friend, student, and advocate, annual planning for the Frizzell Series is led by student leaders from areas of campus life that mattered most to her: social and health advocacy; student-centered learning in areas such as the environment, economics, and public policy; and the Greek system.

Remembering Alex Frizzell

I was blown away by Alex when I met her two years ago through a research project on enhanced geothermal systems. Her enthusiasm for bringing environmental solutions to life was inspirational and her love of Boise and the outdoors was beautiful. Driven, ambitious, poised, grounded, and caring, Alex had so many talents and so much to offer the world and I will always admire her.


Beth Brown, Chicago

Remembering Alex Frizzell

Alex, you were such an incredibly loving person. You were fiercely intelligent and witty, but also so warm and caring. I didn’t always feel this way about you, back when we were young. I’ll never forget when I was four you jumped off the playset we had and landed on my leg, breaking it, or how one time you and I both wanted to sleep in the comfier bed on vacation, so you scratched me and I conceded it. I guess that was your way of say you loved me as a brother, but you were never going to take any crap from me.


Will Frizzell, Alex’s brother, Portland

Remembering Alex Frizzell


was kind.

admired nature.

embraced science.

loved and was loved.

Tyler Frizzell, Alex’s father, Portland


Alice Li

Alice Li is an alum of the College who majored in Economics with a minor in Physics. One of her favorite undergraduate memories is riding shotgun in Alex’s bright blue ’73 VW Squareback. She now works at AppNexus, an advertising technology startup in New York City. She is humbled by the impact of Alex’s legacy on the College, and is excited to support the Frizzell Series in continuing to build a community of thoughtful people interested in the intersections of health, economics, and the environment.


Amy Ma is a second year economics major from Houston, Texas. At UChicago, she is involved with GlobeMed and The Blue Chips. This past summer, she worked in product development and operations in a startup called Mighty Deposits at the Polsky Center. She enjoys reading, drawing, and watching movies. Fun fact: She started a horror movie club in her house on campus.

Caitlin Piccirillo-Stosser

Caitlin is a fourth year in the college double majoring in Economics and Public Policy and am serving as this year’s Frizzell Student Coordinator. She is from Ossining, New York, and is passionate about environmental and health policies. On campus, she is involved in EAF, tutors local elementary students in art, and enjoys playing intramural sports. This is Caitlin’s second year on the Frizzell Committee, and she is looking forward to developing exciting programming!

Megan Verner-Crist

Megan is a fourth year in the College majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies. She is passionate about environmental issues, with a particular interest in sustainable agriculture and environmental justice. On campus, she organizes around environmental justice issues with UChicago Student Action and runs for the Cross Country and Track and Field teams.


Pia Ramos is a fourth year from Mexico City double majoring in Geophysical Sciences and Public Policy. On campus she does research in a mineral physics lab studying the effects of high pressures on minerals. This summer she worked at Argonne researching subsurface biogeochemistry focusing mainly on the interactions between bacteria and their environment. She is very interested in sustainable development, especially concerning issues of agriculture and water and on how science can be used to implement better policies related to these issues.


Sophia Wagner is a fourth-year student double majoring in Economics and Public Policy. On campus, she works as an economics research assistant and serves on the board of STARS, a volunteer tutoring organization for elementary school students in Hyde Park. She also works for Mighty, a social impact start-up in the Polsky Center. She is interested in sustainable economic development and the social and environmental impacts of the banking system. Having grown up in Washington State, she loves hiking, camping, gardening and anything outdoors! She is excited to serve on the Frizzell Committee this year.


Dr. Sabina Shaikh

Sabina Shaikh is the Director of the Program on Global Environment and a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies and Public Policy Studies at the University of Chicago.

“I was so fortunate to know Alex Frizzell, who was a student in three of my classes. She was committed to environmental, agricultural and health related inquiry, and we strive to honor her dedication through the events curated by this committee.”

Alex was always interested in the connections between our health, the environment, and the economy. She drew connections between topics I had always thought existed in different planes. Her legacy and these talks/events aim to inspire others to make these connections, to challenge the norm, and to hopefully produce a greater understanding of ourselves and the different factors that impact our daily lives.

Victoria Winogora

Friend of Alex Frizzell & Class of 2014, History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine (HiPS)

I’ve had many chances to organize events on campus, but none quite like serving on The Frizzell Fund. I worked with students possessing backgrounds very different than those I was used to. Even more interesting was the chance to work with faculty and staff very closely for a broad period of time — a rare and valuable opportunity. My ideas were discussed very seriously and implemented much of the time. Most importantly, though, the end goal is always to honor the memory of a cherished member of the UChicago community and that gives a very special meaning to the work we do.

Rishi Sriram

Class of 2016, Economics and Mathematics

Being involved with the Frizzell Fund is a fantastic way to move from the classroom and delve deeper into contemporary issues within economics, the environment and public policy, and health. As Alex had  a broad array of interests, yet was able to find commonality among them is a testament to the Life of the Mind at UChicago which this program seeks to develop.

Alice Li

Friend of Alex Frizzell & Class of 2013, Economics

Evaline Bai

Class of 2016, Public Policy and Environmental Studies