Financial Systems Transformation

FST Program Update:

The original launch date of the first phase (Wave 1) of this initiative, July 1, 2023, will be extended.

Work in several areas of the program has taken longer than expected and required more resources than originally anticipated due to the complexity of our structure, the age of existing systems, and volume of data in varied structures. Planning is underway to determine a revised implementation timeline and launch date.

Although the program will launch later than originally planned, we are confident that this extended timeline is necessary to ensure its success.

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FST COA resources:
COA & POETAF Mapping Dashboard
How To Guide COA-POETAF Mapping Dashboard

Chart of Accounts (COA)
Currently, we use FAS Accounts to help us manage our financials. In the future we are restructuring to a new Chart of Accounts structure that draws a better picture of how resources and money are being used across the University.