About GCC

The University of Chicago’s Gargoyle Consulting Club (GCC) is a platform for PhDs, MDs, JDs, Master’s, postdocs, and undergrads interested in transitioning to careers in management consulting.


Apex program

Apex program is a workshop series that specifically helps advanced deegree students build necessary skills to secure and succeed in consulting interviews.


Practice Sessions

Join us in practice sessions! This is a great opportunity to build up live practices and receive individual feedback leading up to the real interview.

Get involved

The club hosts a variety of activities throughout the year, all of which fit a recruiting timeline for advanced degree candidates interested in pursuing consulting careers. To sign up for our mailing list (grad-consulting@lists.uchicago.edu) click the button below!
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We strive to foster a community of people curious to explore the career path of management consulting, and help our members better engage with those from the consulting community.

Case practicing an essential component of the consulting interview process, please join us at our case practice sessions.  Whether you are just starting to explore consulting or you’ve already started practicing, if interested, please sign-up for our mailing list to get notified about time and location. In order to sign up please log in to the UChicago list serv and join the “grad-consulting” list.

Dr. Pam Schilling, a professional consulting coach, leads workshops that help students navigate the transition from academia to the consulting world. For more details about Pam and her offerings for GCC members, you may explore her LinkedIn Profile and the Archer Career webpage. Also check out our APEX Program page on this website!

Dr. Pam Schilling

CEO, Archer Career