The University of Chicago’s Gargoyle Consulting Club  (GCC) is a Recognized Student Organization for University of Chicago students and postdocs interested in transitioning to management consulting, with a focus on advanced degree candidates (PhDs, JDs, MDs, Master’s Students), while remaining open to undergraduate participation. We aim to inform, prepare, and assist our members as they explore consulting as a career path, and connect them both to one another and to the greater consulting community. To receive updates from us, subscribe to our listserv here.

 Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions

Events and Activities

Throughout the year the club organizes a wide variety of activities, focused on various different aspects of helping advanced degrees interested in pursuing a consulting career path. Check our our Events page to see what’s upcoming. Some regular events include: 

  1. Consulting Introduction: Year-round we partner with Pam Shilling, CEO of Archer Career, to offer the Apex Program, an introductory consulting workshop series aimed to help advanced degree candidates explore consulting. 
  2. Case Studies: We regularly host seasonal Case Study Practice Sessions, aligned with interview cycles.  If interested, you can find more information here.
  3. Community: As a Recognized Student Organization, GCC regularly hosts community-building events to connect those interested in pursuing a career in management consulting with one another and with career opportunities. You can find upcoming events here
  4. Case Competitions: Since 2017, we have put on annual case competitions in the Spring.  See the case competition archive here.