Case Practice

We hold regular weekly Case Practice sessions during the year, in alignment with recruiting cycles. Our next Case Practice cycle has begun in Winter Quarter. This is a great opportunity to build up live practice time, and receive individualized feedback leading up to the real interview.
Practice Sessions
Practice sessions are scheduled for Sundays during the Winter Quarter of 2024. If you’re interested, please subscribe to our listserv. Every Friday, we will distribute a registration form for you to reaffirm your commitment. You have the option to sign up either for active participation in the sessions or to observe.  
  • Practice: You will be assigned into pairs with another member into a breakout room, after which you will be giving a full case to each other. There will be minimal instructions, and you expected to know how to administer a case and how to give feedback if you choose to participate. We recommend checking out examples of case interviews online or observing practice first, if you have not participated in a case interview before.
  • Observe: We will assign you into a breakout room to watch. You should remain muted during the case, although you are invited to give feedback on the practice when it finishes, if you so choose. This is a great option for those new to case interviews, or looking to see how others handle a case.
Due to the collaborative nature of paired practice, we request you sign up only if you are fully committed. Please notify us of any cancellations at least one full day in advance. Last-minute cancellation or no-shows will inconvenience your partner, and may preclude you from attending future sessions.
If you need casebooks for practice, you can find a collection on our website. Please email us for the password.
Additional Practice and Contact
If you can’t make the sessions or want additional practice, please utilize the Practice Session Contact sheet to find and reach out to people to practice with.