GSSW 2013-14 Schedule:

10/15/13: Dr. Kristen Schilt, Sociology, University of Chicago, “The Pleasures of Gender: A Social Analysis”

10/29/13: Monica Mercado, History, University of Chicago, “Queer on the Quads: Gender and Sexuality in the University Archives”

11/12/13: Dr. Christina Nippert-Eng, Sociology, Illinois Institute of Technology, “Privacy Socialization”

11/26/13: Cayce Hughes, Sociology, University of Chicago, “Who Gets to Keep Secrets? A Sociological Approach to Disclosure”

1/7/14: Lauren Berlant, English, University of Chicago, “Sex in the Event of Happiness”

1/21/14: Sam Galloway, Political Science, University of Chicago, “Cruising Foucault: Sex, Ethics, and Politics”

2/4/14: Mel Y. Chen, Gender & Women’s Studies, University of California Berkeley, “Material Alliance”

3/4/14: Amanda Leigh Davis, English, University of Chicago, “The Living Coffin and the Vacated Tomb: Reanimated Women in Poe, Hawthorne, and Faulkner”

4/1/14: Hillary Chute, English, University of Chicago, “Bodies in the Classroom”

4/22/14: Tadhi Coulter, Institute for Graduate Studies in Visual Art, “Embodiments of Transformation: Image-Texts of Sovereignty in Comedic Performances of Good Times”

4/29/14: Jill Weinberg, Sociology, Northwestern University, “Law, Consent, and Embodiment”

5/13/14: Riva Lehrer, Artist, Chicago, “Beauty in Exile”

5/27/14: Margaret Fink, English, University of Chicago, “The Graphic Ordinary: Worlding, Race, and the Appearance of Disability in Chris Ware’s Building Stories