Fall 2019

October 9: “Managing Work & Life in Academic Careers”: A panel discussion featuring postdoctoral teach fellow Michael Dango (English), CSRPC fellow Jenn Jackson (Political Science), and Professor Kristen Schilt (Sociology)

October 23: “The Willful Sexual Invert in Alfonso Hernández-Catá’s El àngel de Sodoma,” Ebenezer Concepción, CSGS Dissertation Fellow // Discussant: Alison James, Romance languages and Literatures

October 30: “‘They Attend Strictly to Their Own Business’: Disability as Industrial Asset,” Ann Heffernan, CSGS Dissertation Fellow // Discussant: C. Riley Snorton, English and Gender and Sexuality Studies

December 4: “More than Risk: Toward a New Narrative of Care within Social Work Discourse about Black Gay Men,” Lance Keene, CSGS/CSRPC Dissertation Fellow // Sharon Hicks-Bartlett, Sociology

Winter 2019

January 15th: “Democratic Poesis: How to ParaSite on Publics, Pedagogy, and Play,” Omie Hsu, CSGS Residential Fellow/PhD Candidate, Political Science // Discussant: Michael Dango, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in the Humanities and English

February 12th: “Notice and Comment: Rhetorical Engagement and State Intervention in Title IX Adjudication,” // Discussant: Kristen Schilt, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality

February 26th:  “Enter, The Furies: Democracy, Blood, and Difference in Hélène Cixous’ La Ville Parjure (1994),” Agatha Slupek, CSGS Residential Fellow/Graduate Student, Political Science // Discussant: Jennifer Wild, Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Studies

March 12th: “The Brothel as Gatekeeper of Whiteness,” Caroline Sequin, CSGS Residential Fellow/PhD Candidate, History // Discussant: Tara Zahra, Homer J. Livingston Professor, History

Spring 2019

Tuesday, April 9th: “’Don’t Title IX Me’: Masking the Compliance Gap and Molding the Law in Higher Education in the Era of Twitter Trials and Transfers,” Lara Janson, CSGS Residential Fellow/PhD Candidate, Sociology // Discussant: Robert Vargas, Neubauer Family Assistant Professor of Sociology and Director of the Violence, Law, and Politics Lab
Tuesday, April 23rd: “Queer Times, Black Futures,” Kara Keeling, Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Studies
Tuesday, May 7th: “’…a certain transubstantiation’: Toward a Critique of Trans Materialities,” Alex Wolfson, CSGS Residential Fellow/PhD Candidate, Philosophy of Religions, University of Chicago Divinity School // Discussant: Patrick Jagoda, Associate Professor of English Language and Literature
Thursday, May 9th:  “Training the Citizen-Enforcers of Disability Rights: A Feminist Disability Studies Analysis,” Karen Tani, Professor, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law
Tuesday, May 21st: “From Blue Bawds to Wonder Women, The Origins of Feminist Comedy, 1960-1979,” Mariana Brandman, CSGS Residential Fellow/PhD Candidate, History // Discussant: Jane Dailey, Associate Professor of American History, The Law School, and the College
Wednesday, May 22nd: “Famished: Eating Disorders and Failed Care in America”
Rebecca Lester, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis
Cosponsored with the Medicine and Its Objects and Disability Studies Workshop
Tuesday, June 4th: “‘Black or White, Gay or Straight’: The Biopolitical History of a Linguistic Form,” Michael Dango, Humanities Teaching Fellow, English // Discussant: Linda Zerilli, Charles E. Merriam Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science and the College