Autumn 2021

Tuesday, Oct 19th: “Problem Child: Social Feminization, Abuse Etiologies, and Trans Feminine Narratives,” by Eva Pensis, PhD Candidate in Music/Theatre & Performance Studies

Discussant: Jules Gill-Peterson, Associate Professor of History at Johns Hopkins University

Tuesday, Nov 2nd: “Unexpected Callings: The Rediscovery of Ancestral Spiritualities among Queer Zimbabweans,” by Raffaella Taylor-Seymour, PhD Candidate in Anthropology/Comparative Human Development

Discussant: Angie Heo, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Sociology of Religion at University of Chicago

Tuesday, Nov 16th: “What the F**k Are You Implying (About) This Child?”: Degendering as a Childing Practice, by Yuchen Yang, PhD Candidate in Sociology

Discussant: Kate Averett, Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of Albany

Tuesday, Nov 30th: “Gendering Embeddedness – Trajectories out of and through Muslim Communities,” by Eman Abdelhadi, Assistant Professor of Comparative Human Development

Discussant: Saher Selod, Associate Professor of Sociology at Simmons University