Autumn 2020

Tuesday, October 6th
“A Hard Question: Making Sense of Gendered Distress in a Social World” by Paula Martin, PhD Candidate, Comparative Human Development
Discussant: Helen Gremillion, Associate Professor of Social Practice at Unitec Institute of Technology

Tuesday, October 20th *at Noon Central Time*
“Black Gay Survey” by Marcus Lee, PhD Candidate, Political Science

Discussant: Dagmawi Woubshet, Ahuja Family Presidential Associate Professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania

Tuesday, November 17th
“‘If she wasn’t doing this, I would have to pay for childcare anyway’: The obligations of family childcare and how the Earned Income Tax Credit sustains care arrangements” by Dylan Bellisle, PhD Candidate, Social Service Administration
Discussant: Christina Cross, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Harvard University

Tuesday, December 1st
“Against Apophasis: The Queerness of Jouissance” by Kris Trujillo, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Chicago

Winter 2021

Tuesday, January 12th: “Love, Madness, and Masculinity in Neẓāmi’s Layli o Majnun,” by Alexandra Hoffmann, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations // Discussant: Julie Orlemanski, Associate Professor of English at UChicago.

Tuesday, January 26th: “Abortion Rights Activism, Religious Dissent, and Reconfiguring Moral Authority,” by Kelsey Robbins, Comparative Human Development // Discussant: Amy Krauss, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Pozen Center for Human Rights.

Tuesday, February 9th: “Blessed or Distressed: Insurance Status and Wildfire Disaster Recovery Trajectories,” by Rebecca Ewert, Sociology // Discussant: Lori Peek, Professor of Sociology at CU Boulder.

Tuesday, February 23rd: “Flooding the Border: Gendered Dualities and the Nile Inundation in the Ptolemaic First Cataract,” by Jordan Johansen, Classics // Discussant: Ian Moyer, Associate Professor of History at the University of Michigan.

Tuesday, March 9th: “Archiving Crisis,” by Emily Bock, Anthropology // Discussant: David Román, Professor of English and American Studies and Ethnicity at USC.

Spring 2021

Tuesday, April 6th: “Simply Because They’re Married to Servicemen”: War and Women’s Rights in the Case of the Murdering Wives by Serena Covkin, PhD Candidate in History // Discussant: Kathleen Belew, Assistant Professor of History at University of Chicago

Tuesday, April 20th: “Feminist Justifications of Violence,” by Rose Owen, PhD Candidate in Political Science // Discussant: Verónica Zebadúa-Yáñez, Diversity Postdoctoral Associate and Lecturer at Department of Politics at University of Virginia

*SPECIAL TIME* Friday, May 7th at Noon: “Borders, time and the jurisdictional body: towards a decolonial feminist ethics of pharmaceutical abortion practice in Mexico,” by Amy Krauss, Anthropologist and Postdoc at the Pozen Center // Discussant: Miriam Ticktin, Associate Professor of Anthropology at The New School for Social Research

Tuesday, May 18th: “Encountering Address: Assembly, Affinity, and Archives in the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP),” by Sarah McDaniel, PhD Candidate in English// Discussant: Tina Post, Assistant Professor, Department of English at University of Chicago