Reading Group | History of Race and Genetics

The group met virtually roughly every 2 weeks from June to December in 2020 with a break in August. Each session had an assigned reading (see below) or other activity (see Blog). The discussion sessions with pre-assigned reading were semi-structured using a set of discussion questions that helped generate reflection, critical thinking, and conversation anchored in the concepts, events and ideas from the readings. These conversations were often first held in smaller “break-out” sessions, each group allocating a reporter, and then continued among the larger group. The rough chapter notes and discussion questions linked below for each session were created by a team of co-moderators consisting of postdoctoral fellow Mashaal Sohail, faculty members John Novembre and Joe Thornton, and graduate students Arjun Biddanda (Superior) and Shreya Ramachandran (Race Unmasked).¬†

Discussion Unit 1

Introduction, Chapters 1,2,3

Discussion Unit 2

Chapters 4,5,6,7

Discussion Unit 3

Chapters 8,9,10,11, Afterword

Closing Discussion


Discussion Unit 1

Introduction, Chapters 1 – 5

Discussion Unit 2

Chapters 6 – 8

Discussion Unit 3

Chapters 9 – 11 and Epilogue

A global reference for Human Genetic Variation 

Yudell Discussion Unit 2

Clinical use of current polygenic risk scores may exacerbate health disparities

Yudell Discussion Unit 3

Genetic correlates of social stratification in Great Britain

Independent Discussion