Genomics Facility

X Marks the Spot

The Genomics Facility will transition from NovaSEQ6000 to NovaSEQ-X-Plus. Installation in April 2023.

NovaSEQ-X-Plus Uses an 8-lane Flowcell

  • Flowcell designations: 10B-100bp, 10B-200bp and 10B-300bp.
  • ~1.5B clusters per Lane.
  • Compare Lane to NovaSEQ6000 SP (~1B clusters per flowcell) and S1 (~2B clusters per flowcell).

Transition at UChicago from NovaSEQ6000 to NovaSEQ-X-Plus


3-4 fold cost savings over NovaSEQ6000 SP and S1 Flowcells

Pricing: 10B-300bp-Ln, 1.5B Clusters = $1575 ea

(Compare: NovaSEQ-6000, SP-300bp-FC, 1.0B clusters = $4250; NovaSEQ-6000, S1-300bp-FC, 2.0B Clusters = $6750)

Nova$EQ-X Partnering Opportunities Available!!

Is your Institute / Lab / Sequencing Facility not upgrading to the Nova$EQ-X yet?

Contact and apply the Nova$EQ-X cost savings to your projects.

Welcome to the Genomics Facility

a Comprehensive Cancer Center Core

The University of Chicago Genomics Facility offers Next-Gen (Illumina) Sequencing and Library prep, Micro-array (Illumina genotyping and EPIC arrays), and Fragment-analyzer/Bio-analyzer sample QC services. For Single Cell sequencing project the Facility operates a 10X Genomics Chromium controller, a Takara/Clontech iCell8 cx instrument and is installing MissionBio and Nanostring (GeoMX) equipment . Please click on the links for more information about pricing, sample preparation, submission process, and project timelines. If you would like to inquire about services not listed above, please email Dr. Faber.

Acknowledgement of core facility contributions in publications is appreciated. Cancer center members should cite the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30 CA014599) when publishing any work assisted by this core facility.

Sample acknowledgment language:

We thank The University of Chicago Genomics Facility (RRID:SCR_019196) especially [staff name], for their assistance with [service name].

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