Genomics Facility

X Marks the Spot

The Genomics Facility will transition from NovaSEQ6000 to NovaSEQ-X-Plus. Installation in April 2023.

NovaSEQ-X-Plus Uses an 8-lane Flowcell

  • Flowcell designations: 10B-100bp, 10B-200bp and 10B-300bp.
  • ~1.5B clusters per Lane.
  • Compare Lane to NovaSEQ6000 SP (~1B clusters per flowcell) and S1 (~2B clusters per flowcell).

Cost Savings with NovaSEQ-X-Plus

3-4 fold cost savings over NovaSEQ6000 SP and S1 Flowcells

Next Generation Sequencing

Illumina NovaSEQ-X2

Illumina NextSEQ500


Single Cell Sequencing & Spatial Transcriptomics

10X Genomics

MissionBio Tapestri

Takara iCell8cs (Q1 2019)

NanoString GeoMx (Q1-2022)


Illumina IScan

Other services offered include technical consultations, nucleic acid purification, sample processing and library construction.  Plate and micro-volume readers are provided for client use. 

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