Genomics Facility

Next Generation Sequencing

Genomics Facility NGS Project contact emails:

  1. #BSD-Genomics-Consult , for consultation and pricing inqueries
  2. #SRF-GENOMICS , for project submission and project progress inqueries.

The NovaSEQ-X is Illumina’s ultra cost-efficient successor of the successful NovaSEQ-6000. With three flowcell options (1.5B*, 10B and 25B*) and run-lengths between 100 and 300 bps, this instrument covers an extremely wide range of projects (* = available Q4-2023).

NovaSEQ-X Pricing
(all rates here are valid July 2023 – June 2024)

10B-100: $1175
10B-200: $1475
10B-300: $1499

See: for illumina provided instrument specs.

The Facility also provides NGS services using the Illumina NextSEQ500 and MiSEQ instruments.

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