Genomics Facility

Single Cell Sequencing & Spatial Transcriptomics

For Single Cell / Spatial Transcriptomics applications the Genomics Facility operates the 10X Genomics Chromium Controller, the Takara iCell 8, the MissionBio Tapestri and the  NanoString GeoMx platforms.

UChicago Genomics Facility Single Cell / Spatial Transcriptomics Project contact emails:

  1. #10xGenomics, for 10X Genomics project consultation, pricing questions and project progress inquiries
  2. nanostring, for nanoString GeoMx project consultation, pricing questions and project progress inquiries.
  3. For iCELL8 and MissionBio usage questions contact either of the email addresses above.

Important notes:

10X Genomics: the starting point at the Genomics Facility is the solution of single cells that you / your lab provides. The Core provides the 10X reagents. Two main parameters for success in 10X based scRNA-SEQ experiments are cell number and cell viability. To make certain your experimental set-up is compatible with 10X technology we have instituted a cell test experiment before the actual 10X experiment is conducted. In this cell test you will stop by the Facility with a sample or samples identical to the samples you plan to use in your scRNA-SEQ experiments. We will perform a cell count and viability test and if your cells pass an actual experiment can be scheduled. Schedule your (no charge) cell test experiment through ‘”.

NanoString: the starting point at the Genomics Facility will be the freshly cut tissue slides provided by you / your lab in combination with the slide staining reagents and all applicable reagents you purchased from NanoString. Four staining channels are available (FITC, Cy3, Texas Red and Cy5) allowing the slide to be stained by three antibodies and a nuclear stain. Note that the NanoString GeoMx protocol includes a Prot. K digestion step and that all antibodies need to be extensively tested to be compatible with this procedure.



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