2016-17 Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, meetings will be Fridays 1:30-4:30 PM, in Cobb 219.

Autumn 2016

September 30: Andrew Werner (Chicago)                                                                               “The Forms of Intuition in the Transcendental Deduction”

October 7: Klaus Vieweg (Jena)                                                                                                 “The Concept of Action in Hegel’s Practical Philosophy and Aesthetics”

October 14: Thomas Schulte (Chicago)                                                                                   “Hegel on the Social Constitution of the Epistemic Subject: The Emergence of Recognition in the Phenomenology of Spirit”

November 3: Carl Posy (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)                                             “Realism, Idealism and All That: Kant’s Fourth Paralogism and the Critical Standpoint”       Thursday evening talk, 4:30-6:30 in Wiebolt 408

November 11: Laura Papish (George Washington University)                                             “Kant on Self-Deception, Rationalization, and the Hell of Self-Cognition”

December 2: Joint Presentation with the Graduate Research Conference:

Anastasia Berg (Chicago), “Evil or Only Immature? Acquiring Moral Character in Kant” & Jessica Tizzard (Chicago), “Making Room for Evil: Kant’s Cognitivism and the Human Predisposition Towards Goodness”

December 3: Joint Presentation with the Graduate Research Conference:

Andrew Werner (Chicago), “Objective Thought”

Winter 2017

January 20: Christian Martin (München), “Duality, Force, Language Games, and Our Form of Life” (Joint presentation with the Wittgenstein Workshop)

January 27: Andrew Pitel (Chicago)                                                                                     “Leibniz and Kant on (Transcendental) Reflection”

February 17: Amichai Amit (Chicago)                                                                                    “Three Kinds of ‘Forms’ in Ethics: Kant’s Universal Formula as a Case Study”

March 3: Gilad Nir (Chicago)                                                                                                   “What the Sceptic Most Desires”

March 17: Simon Gurofsky (Chicago)                                                                                     “Kant’s Transcendental Idealism and Essentially Manifest Properties”

Spring 2017

March 31: Matthew Boyle (Chicago)

April 14: Katharina Kraus (Notre Dame)

(May 5: Anastasia Berg Dissertation Defense (2.30pm, Stuart 209))

May 19: Jessica Tizzard (Chicago)                                                                                     “Practical Reason and the Call to Faith: Kant on the Postulates of Freedom, God, and Immortality”

June 2: Rachel Zuckert (Northwestern)