2017-18 Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, meetings will be Fridays 2:00-4:30 PM in Wieboldt 408.


Spring 2018

March 30th:   Matthias Haase (University of Chicago): “Vegetation and Individuation: What Can We Learn from Hegel’s Plant?”

April 6th: Andrew Pitel (University of Chicago): “Kant on Apriority as a Degree of Representation”

April 27th:   Pirachula Chulanon (University of Chicago): “Kant on Time and Self-Knowledge”

Wednesday, May 16th:   Irad Kimhi (Universität Leipzig & University of Chicago): “The Verb ‘to be’ and the Subject of Philosophy”, time: 11:30 am – 1:30 pm, room: Harper 130

May 18th:   Daniel Warren (University of California, Berkeley): “Kant’s Early Views on Ground and Force”

May 25th:   Shana Crandell (University of Chicago): “Hegel and Kant on Practical Cognition of Actuality”

Thursday, May 31st:   Mathis Koschel (University of Chicago): ” Knowledge, Unconditionality and Freedom – Kant on the Limits of Causal Explanation”, time: 1-3 pm, room: Cobb 409

June 8th:  Martin Stone (Yeshiva University) and Rafeeq Hasan (Amherst College): “Kant on Provisional Right”