Nov 9: Ekaterina Lomperis, “Costs of our Healing”

Wednesday, Nov 9, 2016, 4:30-6:00pm (Swift 208)
Ekaterina Lomperis, Ph.D. candidate in Theology: “Costs of our Healing: On Martin Luther, Facebook, and the Problem of Global Health”

The paper examines little-studied theological teachings about medicine by the founder of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, based on close readings of his writings, especially his lectures on Genesis and Deuteronomy. I argue that, for Luther, human pursuits of healing were spiritual and morally charged enterprises. I further show that his writings on medicine were informed by his concerns about the limits of healing and ethical dangers inherent in the pursuits of health. Renewed attention to such concerns can shed a new light on present public conversations regarding medicine: from Facebook’s new biomedical research initiative to global health inequalities.

*Note the unusual meeting time. This event will be co-sponsored by the Theology & Religious Ethics Workshop. Refreshments will be provided.