Incubator 2020-2021: The Global Energy Challenge


The Global Energy Challenge 2020-21: Research Grants

The Griffin Applied Economics Incubator recipients of the 2020-21 Research Grants for “The Global Energy Challenge.” Award recipients include:

  • Amir Jina & Koichiro Ito
  • Koichiro Ito (Co-Investigators: Luis Gonzalez, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile – ClapesUC); Mar Reguant, Northwestern University) 
  • Ryan Kellogg & Thom Covert (Richard Sweeney, Boston University)
  • Greg Dwyer & Eyal Frank
  • Josh Macey (Co-Investigators: Thomas Eisenberg, University of Delaware)
  • Fiona Burlig & Anant Sudarshan
  • David Weisbach (Co-Investigators: Sam Kortum, Yale University)
  • Amir Jina & Michael Greenstone

Research Grants 2020-2021 Titles – “The Global Energy Challenge”

Principal Investigators Co-Investigator(s) Title
Amir Jina & Koichiro Ito   “Long-run environmental quality and human capital formation: Experimental evidence from schools in Delhi”
Koichiro Ito Luis Gonzalez (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile – ClapesUC), Mar Reguant (Northwestern) “The Value of Infrastructure: Evidence from Electricity Interconnection in Chile”
Ryan Kellogg & Thom Covert Richard Sweeney (Boston University) “Innovation and Misallocation in the U.S. Shale Industry”
Greg Dwyer & Eyal Frank   “Understanding How Climate Change Will Alter the Ability of Pathogens to Control Gypsy Moth Populations, and the Consequences for Forest Economics”
Josh Macey Thomas Eisenberg (University of Delaware) “Coal mining reclamation bonds”
Fiona Burlig & Anant Sudarshan   “Targeted Enforcement Strategies to Increase Electricity Bill Payments”
David Weisbach Sam Kortum (Yale University)  “Carbon Pricing & Trade”
Amir Jina & Michael Greenstone   “Climate Impact Lab: Labor Productivity”