List of Past Events

Annual and reoccurring events

  • “Wolf’s Den” monthly mental health check ins and coffee hours. Hosted by rotating team leads, organized by URM team
  • Big Gay BBQ: Hosted by the LGBTQ+ team and open to all students
  • Women’s team book club: Hosted by the Women’s team and open to all students

2022-2023 events

  • Autism Education and Acceptance workshop
  • Bigger and gayer BBQ

2021-2022 events

  • Free COVID vaccine drive (5/2/2021)

2020-2021 events

  • GRIT Trivia Night (9/8/20) – Join the GRIT Disabilities team for a night of trivia, with questions on topics including movies and sports.
  • Mental Health Check-in (9/15/20) – The GRIT Disabilities team will be hosting a student-led mental health check-in.
  • Diversity in Science Roundtable with Dr. Carlos Bustamante (10/14/20) – Please join GRIT and UChicago SACNAS as we host E.E. Just Lecturer Dr. Carlos D. Bustamante for a Diversity in Science Roundtable with students
  • Trivia Night for the Culture (10/15/20) – Grab your friends, make a team, and have fun testing your knowledge of 21st century pop culture! Hosted by the GRIT URM and Disabilities teams
  • National Coming Out Day Seminar (10/16/20) – In celebration of National Coming Out Day and LGBTQ+ History Month, GRIT’s LQBTQ+ Team and PSD EDI are honored to (virtually) welcome Dr. Lauren Esposito, creator of 500 Queer Scientists. Dr. Esposito will give a talk entitled “Queering STEM—the Importance of LGBTQAI+ Visibility” followed by Q&A!
  • Womxn’s Team Book Club (10/27/20) – For this month’s book club we will be discussing the article “Who Keeps Us Safe”  which is about mainstream feminism’s coziness with police and punishment.
  • LGBTQ+ Team Halloween Paint Night (10/29/20) – We are so looking forward to painting ~spookily~ with you all at our Halloween Paint Night! Costumes very much encouraged
  • Building Disability Solidarity in STEM (11/10/20) – A starter session on access practices, disability as a social justice issue, and assessing our disciplines’ cultures of (in)accessibility
  • Mental Health Check-In (11/18/20) – During this check-in we will be discussing: 1. Coping with Covid during the holiday season, 2. Managing zoom fatigue / diminished human interaction, 3. Tackling graduate school during a pandemic (on/off campus)
  • Talking Space for Graduate Students (11/26/20 and ongoing) – A weekly talking space for graduate students in the BSD, PSD and PME. No agenda, or particular topic, just talk. Hosted by the URM team