Who We Support


In accordance with our mission to support a variety of systematically underrepresented and underprivileged groups of graduate students, GRIT currently includes five teams dedicated to support of and community-building for a specific identity. These teams are the Underrepresented Minorities Team, the Women’s Team, the LGBTQ+ Team, the Disability Advocacy Team and the International Students & Immigrants Team. Everyone is encouraged to join or attend events held by any of these teams and regardless of whether they share that identity.

Though we have teams for only four specific identities at the moment, we do not wish to exclude any other underrepresented or underprivileged identities and we welcome initiatives to create new teams in support of other identities.



GRIT’s involvement with graduate student recruitment spans all parts of the admissions proceedings: pre-admissions, invitation decisions, interview weekend, and subsequent follow up. This is organized by cluster representatives who represent groups of programs within the BSD, PSD, PME, MSTP and Psychology Department. The divisions, clusters, and programs working with GRIT can be found on the Clusters page, and their representatives can be found on the Leadership page.