Orthopedic Hardware

Auto Text: “Insert Gross Only”

Routine photographs DO NOT need to be taken of orthopedic hardware. For guidelines on what requires photography, please consult the Gross Only page.

These specimens can be grossed the same day they are received. Please wait until after all other work is done before working on gross-only specimens.

  1. Often, the hardware resembles knee joint (with tibial plateau and femoral condyles) or hip joint (with acetabulum and femoral head).
  2. Measure and describe the pieces, being sure to dictate any alphanumeric markings present on the hardware.
  3. Cassettes do not need to be submitted for these specimens.
  4. If no cassettes are being submitted for any part of the case, please remember to enter the Final Diagnosis in Case Results and advance the case status to Final Diagnosis Done:

Final Diagnosis:

Specimen; procedure:
– Surgical hardware (gross examination only).

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