Neuro Intraoperative Consultation


Immediately call the Neuropath attending on-call (call should be made by the AP Technician upon notice of pending intra-op consultation, before the specimen arrives).


  1. When specimen comes from OR with frozen section label, do not freeze before reviewing the gross specimen with a neuropathology attending!
  2. You may be asked to do a smear and/or freeze a portion of the tissue.
  3. Following frozen section, please confirm with the attending if the frozen block should be saved frozen or thawed and submitted.
    • If the block is to be saved frozen, inform the front desk staff.
    • If the block is to be submitted, please thaw, place tissue in mesh bag, and place in formalin.  Confirm with the attending the desired histology protocol (routine H&E, 5 Level FNB, 10 Level FNB).
  4. All Neuro cases (with the exception of larger resections or seizure focuses) should be submitted the same day as receipt.
  5. FNB biopsies can be submitted on the BIOPSY run.
  6. Larger specimens should be on the BIGS run (4pm or 7pm).
  7. Please verify that the histology protocol is that desired by the attending.
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