Kidney (trauma)

These are specimens removed for capsular disruption. They are frequently received in formalin and may be fragmented. They are generally received with a laterality designated but with no orienting features.


The role of triage in these specimens is minimal. If received in formalin, no triage is required. If received fresh, weigh the specimen (or fragments) fresh and take a photograph.


  1. Document the presence or absence of defects. Note capsular disruptions or damage to vascular structures.
  2. Weigh and photograph the specimen if not done at triage (ie, if specimen is received in formalin).
  3. Section COMPLETELY THROUGH THE SPECIMEN to evaluate for incidental findings including masses, cysts, and stones.
  4. Take the following sections:
    1. One section of disrupted kidney parenchyma.
    2. One section of intact kidney parenchyma (try to include cortex and medulla).
    3. Any incidental lesions, if identified.
  5. Order a ‘PAS nephrectomy’ stain on the intact kidney section.
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