Partial Nephrectomy (neoplastic)

Auto text: “Insert Partial Nephrectomy”


  1. Weigh and measure specimen in 3 dimensions.
  2. Describe and ink the kidney capsule and any attached adipose tissue.
  3. Describe and ink the kidney parenchymal resection margin (a different color).
  4. Fix in formalin overnight.  If small, can gross fresh.


  1. Serially section perpendicular to the parenchymal resection margin.
  2. Measure the tumor (3 dimensions) and distance to margins.
  3. Describe tumor cut surface and photograph.
  4. Note whether tumor invades the adipose tissue or involves the resection margin.
  5. Describe the surrounding kidney parenchyma (if present).
  6. Submit representative sections of mass (1 per cm) including closest approach to capsule and resection margins.
  7. Submit one section of uninvoled kidney (order PAS nephrectomy on this block).

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