Auto text: “Insert Parathyroid Frozen” or “Insert Parathyroid Routine”

Triage & Gross

  1. Parathyroids often come for intraoperative consultation in order to identify parathyroid tissue or to verify a lesional gland.
  2. WEIGH ALL parathyroids to three significant digits (ie 234 mg or 0.234 g), even small fragments that come for frozen.
    • Average parathyroid glands weigh 20-40 mg.  Increase in weight may indicate a lesional / hyperfunctional gland.
  3. Measure in 3 dimensions.
  4. If for FROZEN, see dedicated Parathyroid Frozen Page.
  5. Parathyroid carcinomas are RARE: If the parathyroid gland is especially large, heavy, or the surgeon noted adhesion to surrounding tissue – parathyroid carcinoma is in the differential diagnosis. In these cases, ink the outer surface before sectioning. Serially section and photograph representative section(s).
  6. Describe outer and cut surfaces.
  7. If not already done: Serially section. Or Bisect if small.
  8. If the parathyroid is small (< 2 g), submit entirely.
  9. If the parathyroid is large (> 2 g) without worrisome features, submit multiple representative cassettes, 1-2 per cm.
  10. If the parathyroid has worrisome features (very large, heavy, adherent, as mentioned above) submit entirely after inking the outer surface.
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