Small Tissue Pieces

Small tissue pieces should be placed between Sponges or filtered into a Mesh Bag.

In these cases, the use of mesh bags/sponges must be documented in the gross description. The standard templates in Dragon have been modified (see list below).

For grossers, any use of mesh bags or sponges NOT already in the templates must be ADDED.

For pathologists, please be aware of this change in the final reports.

Mesh Bag Sponges Either
Heart biopsy Breast biopsy Generic biopsies
Liver biopsy Prostate biopsies Outreach biopsies
Endometrial curettage (EMC) GI biopsies
Endometrial biopsy Skin biopsies
Cervical biopsy Core biopsies
Heme aspirates and bone marrow biopsies
POCs and Moles
Sinus contents

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