Wage-Price Spirals
with Iván Werning
Brookings Paper on Economic Activity, Fall 2023
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Inflation is Conflict
with Iván Werning
July 2023

A Minimalist Model for the Ruble During the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
with Iván Werning
American Economic Review: Insights, September 2023

Debt Mutualization in the Euro Area: A Quantitative Exploration
with Ando, Dell’Ariccia, Gourinchas, Peralta, Roch
IMF Working Paper, March 2023

Risk Sharing Externalities
with Luigi Bocola
Journal of Political Economy, March 2023

Wall Street and Silicon Valley: A Delicate Interaction
with George Marios Angeletos and Alessandro Pavan
Review of Economic Studies, May 2023

Macroeconomic Implications of COVID-19: Can Negative Supply Shocks Cause Demand Shortages?
with Veronica Guerrieri, Ludwig Straub, and Iván Werning
American Economic Review 2022

The Prudential Use of Capital Controls and Foreign Currency Reserves
with Javier Bianchi
Handbook of International Economics vol. 6, 2022

Monetary Policy in Times of Structural Reallocation
with Veronica Guerrieri, Ludwig Straub, and Iván Werning
Proceedings of the Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium 2021