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October 12th
Kathryn Birks Harvey, PhD candidate in History, Northwestern University
Monopolizing Tragedy: A Story of Personal Injury and Protectionism

October 26th
Paula Vedoveli, Assistant Professor of History, Fundação Getulio Vargas, Brazil
Leaving it to the Future: Debt Sustainability, National Wealth, and Repayment Capacity, 1890-1914

November 2nd
Sergio Infante, PhD candidate in History, Yale University
Men Without Land for a Land Without Men: Economic Ideas and the Transamazonian Highway

November 9th
Can Mert Kökerer, PhD candidate in Sociology, University of Chicago
Democracy as Popular Domination: The Response of Marx, Weber, and Schmitt to Bourgeois Democracy

November 30th
Nic Johnson, PhD candidate in History, University of Chicago
Times of Interest: On the Tendency of the Rate of Interest to Fall and the Implications for History

December 7th
Daniel Burnfin, Humanities Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
Hegel and Political Economy: the “Rabble” or Involuntary Unemployment