Approved HLTH Courses

The following courses may be used to satisfy the Health and Society minor course requirements. Additional approved courses will be updated quarterly. Please use this list of courses to map out your minor.

Please note: Not all courses are offered every academic year. Visit our AY course offerings for information about which courses will be offered in the current academic year.

Courses below are listed by their parent units.

Only one methods or statistics course may be used to satisfy the minor


Course Number

Course Title

ANTH 21420 Ethnographic Methods
CHDV 20100 Human Development Research Design
CHDV 20101 Applied Statistics in Human Development Research
ECON 21010 Statistical Methods in Economics
PLSC 22913 The Practice of Social Science Research
SOCI 20001 Sociological Methods
SOCI 20004 Statistical Methods of Research
SOSC 20112 Introductory Statistical Methods and Applications for the Social Sciences
SOSC 20223 Ethnographic Research Methods
SOSC 20224 Virtual Ethnographic Field Research Methods

Course Number

Course Title

ANTH 21345 Living with Toxins
ANTH 23807 Toxic: Burdens and Environmental Exposure
ANTH 24335 Introduction to Medical Anthropology and Critical Studies of Global Health
ANTH 24341 Topics in Medical Anthropology
ANTH 24352 Health, Value, Politics
ANTH 25100 Anthropology of the Body
BPRO 22800 Drinking Alcohol: Social Problem or Normal Cultural Practice?
BPRO 23100 Food: From Need to Want, or Ethics and Aesthetics
BPRO 28300 Disability and Design
BPRO 28900 Inequality: Origins, Dimensions and Policy
CCTS 20400 Health Disparities in Breast Cancer
CCTS 21007 Clinical and Health Services Research
CCTS 21011 Clinical Research Design and Interpretation of Health Data
CHDV 20000 Introduction to Human Development
CHDV 20399 Trauma, Vulnerability, and the Martial Body
CHDV 20415 Sexuality and Health
CHDV 20440 Inequality, Health and the Life Course
CHDV 20805 Body & Soul: The Anthropology of Religion, Health & Healing
CHDV 21500 Darwinian Health
CHDV 23204 Medical Anthropology
CHDV 23301 Culture, Mental Health and Psychiatry
CHDV 23305 Critical Studies of Mental Health in Higher Education
CHDV 23405 Cultural Diversity, Structural Barriers, and Multilingualism in Clinical and Healing Encounters
CHDV 24105 Animals, Health, and Society
CHDV 24599 Historical and Contemporary Issues in US Health Inequality
CHDV 25250 Disability in Local and Global Contexts
CHDV 27250 Psychological Anthropology
CHDV 27860 History of Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences
CHDV 33220 Biology of Mental Health
CHSS 32000 Introduction to Science Studies
CMLT 25662 Archiving AIDS: Art, Literature, Theory
ECON 24450 Inequality and the Social Safety Net: Theory, Empirics and Policies
ECON 27720 Economics and Regulation of Health Care Markets: Theory and Empirics
ENGL 15520 Illness and Life Writing
ENST 20170 Pandemics, Urban Space, and Public Life
ENST 21700 Applied Research in Environment, Development, and Health
(approval contingent on the focus of the research project)
GNSE 12103 Treating Trans-: Practices of Medicine, Practices of Theory
GNSE 20150 Archiving AIDS: Art, Literature, Theory
GNSE 21301 Global Mental Health
GNSE 23136 On Being Ill: Feminist and Queer Cancer Narratives
HIPS 17300 Science, Culture and Society in Western Civilization
HIPS 17402 Science, Culture and Society in Western Civilization II: Early Modern Period
HIPS 29629 Tutorial: Romantic Bodies: Theater in the History of Science and Medicine
HIPS 29635 Tutorial: Power and Medicine
HPS 29641 Tutorial: Medical Ethics in the Hospital and Clinic
HIPS 29643 Tutorial: Toxic America: Pollutants, Poisons, Politics
HIST 20111 History of Death
HIST 22207 The Social History of Alcohol in Early Modern Europe
HIST 25218 American Epidemics, Past and Present
HIST 25308 Lab, Field and Clinic: History and Anthropology of Medicine in the Life
HIST 25507 Make Love, Not Babies: A History of Population Control
HIST 29678 History Colloquium: Medicine and Society
HLTH 17000 Introduction to Health and Society (Required)
HLTH 17001 91 Introduction to Health and Society II (Summer offering)
HMRT 21400 Health and Human Rights
HMRT 21403 Health in a Changing America: Social Context and Human Rights
HMRT 23000 Encountering AIDS: Queer Representations, Loss and Memory
HMRT 24108 Reproductive Justice Beyond Rights
HMRT 24506 Disability in East Asia: Past and Present
HMRT 27205 Reproductive Rights as Human Rights
HMRT 27312 Pain and Representation
HUMA 25207 Mindfulness: Experience and Media
IRHU 27000 Race in Science and Medicine from 1800 to Present
IRHU 27001 The Human Body in Extremes
IRHU 27006 Research in Archives: Human Bodies in History
IRHU 27009 Normal People
KNOW 21408 History of Medicine
KNOW 27015 Graphic Medicine
KNOW 29901 XCap: The Experimental Capstone— The Art of Healing: Medical Aesthetics in Russia and the US
KNOW 29971 XCAP: The Experimental Capstone—What is an Intervention (for Mental Health)
KNOW 29976 The Narratives and Aesthetics of Contagion: Knowledge Formation and the COVID-19 Pandemic
KNOW 37017 [Re] Framing Graphic Medicine
LLSO 29507 Politics of Healthcare Policy in the US 1900-2020
MAPS 32800 Experiencing Madness: Emphatic Methods in Cultural Psychology
MAPS 36900 Anthropology of Disability
PBHS 23700 Sexual health: Identity, Behavior, and Outcomes
PBHS 30910 Epidemiology and Population Health
PBHS 31450 Social Inequalities in Health: Race/Ethnicity and Class
PBHS 31900 Global Health Metrics
PBHS 35100 Health Services Research Methods
PBHS 35500 Introduction to US Health Policy and Politics
PBHS 38010 Economic Analysis of Health Policies
PBPL 28335 Health Care Markets and Regulation
PBPL 28925 Health Impacts of Transportation Policies
PHIL 21609 Medical Ethics: Central Topics
PPHA 38300 Health Economics and Public Policy
PPHA 38310 Healthcare and Healthcare Reform
PSYC 21750 Biological Clocks and Behavior
PSYC 22350 Social Neuroscience
RLST 24103 Bioethics
RLST 26302 Religion, Medicine, and the Experience of Illness
RLST 26316 Medical Innovation and Religious Reform in Early Modernity
RLST 28900 Magic, Science and Religion
SOCI 20107 Sociology of Human Sexuality
SOCI 20215 Urban Health
SOCI 20275 Sociology of Health and Aging
SOCI 20537 Gender, Health, and Medicine
SOCI 28080 Sociology of Medicine
SOSC 18100 Topics in Behavioral and Social Sciences Relevant to Medicine
SSAD 41412 Global Mental Health
SSAD 46622 Key Issues in Healthcare: Interdisciplinary Case Studies Approach
SSAD 49032 Health and Aging Policy
SSAD 60100 Drugs: Culture and Context

The following courses will not likely be offered in the future but may still be counted toward the minor by students who took them when they were last offered.


ANTH 21333 The Lived Body: Anthropology, Materiality, Meaningful Practice
ANTH 21351 Proximity: An Anthropology of Social Distance
ANTH 24309 Reproductive Worlds
BPRO 22610 Medical Ethics: Who Decides and on what Basis?
CCTS 21007 Clinical and Health Services Research
CCTS 21008 Health Systems in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
CCTS 21009 Justice, Solidarity, and Global Health
CCTS 21010 Intersectionality in American Medical Ethics
CHDV 23440 Health, Medicine, and Human Rights
HIST 23400 Sex in Twentieth-Century Europe
HIST 29318 Modern Disability Histories: Gender, Race, and Disability
PBPL 26690 The Politics of Health Care
SOCI 20505 Medical Sociology