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2021-22 Events

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities in the BSD 

​This event will cover ways that students can get involved in clinical research in the BSD. Many of these research opportunities integrate the behavioral sciences, medicine, and public health into translational clinical research projects.

David Meltzer
Alexandra Tate





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MD/PhD in the Social Sciences Roundtable

Are you interested in potentially combining an MD with a PhD in the social sciences? Unsure about what this path entails? This roundtable brings together MD/PhDs from a range of social science disciplines who will speak about their own trajectories and answer your questions.


Afia Khan
David Meltzer
Michelle Munyikwa
Steve Server

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Autumn 2021 Minor Open House

The Minor in Health and Society welcomes all undergraduate students to our virtual open house. This session will feature an overview of the program as well as perspectives from current minors.


Eugene Raikhel, Chair
Jamie Gentry, Senior Program Manager

Daily D., HLTH Minor

Declare the minor. 




2020-21 Events

All 2020-21 events were conducted virtually.
Available recordings are noted.

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Careers in Public Health Panel

Panelists Kavi Bhalla and Eloesa McSorley discuss Master of Public Health (MPH) programs—who these programs may appeal to, and what kinds of career outcomes are possible.

Kavi Bhalla
Eloesa McSorley

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The Pandemic and the Social Sciences: Reimagining Engagement and Research

Has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the ways in which social scientists engage with the world? Should it? This webinar brings together a group of scholars to discuss both how the social sciences have contributed to responses to the pandemic and how ideas and practices of research and engagement are potentially being challenged and reimagined.

Adia Benton
Marcos Cueto
Alexa Dietrich
Lindsay Wiley

Eugene Raikhel

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Graphic Medicine: A Workshop

What do comics have to do with health and disease? What insights do comics provide about the experience of illness? Can comics improve patient education and the patient experience? The field of graphic medicine seeks to answer these questions. At the intersection of comics and the discourse on healthcare and medicine, graphic medicine explores how the medium of comics is used to educate, express illness and healthcare experiences, and critique healthcare. This presentation and workshop will provide a basic understanding of graphic medicine and its various uses and will be followed by a brief comics-making workshop.

Brian Callender, Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Chicago


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Integrating Place-Based Thinking In Public Health With Spatial Data Science

A spatial perspective isn’t (just) about making compelling maps and visualizations, but also investigating how complex human-environment interactions impact the theory, design, methods, and infrastructure of research. Detangling how place impacts, interacts with, and/or drives factors of health outcomes for different people and neighborhoods is essential to reduce health disparities. In this talk I’ll highlight recent projects that engage an intersectional framework to inform how we think about  health, place, and disparities. And, share lessons learned around how this kind of research can best make an impact in policy and public spaces.

Marynia Kolak, Associate Director for Health Informatics, UChicago Center for Spatial Data Science; Senior Lecturer in Geographic Information Science

Email Jamie Gentry ( for access to the video recording of this event.

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Autumn 2020 Minor Open House

Annual open house for current and prospective minors.

Eugene Raikhel
Jamie Gentry

Student Speakers
Francesca D.
Kathleen C.